We Build Displays with Strategy and Purpose
  • Trade show booths – Custom, Rental & Prefabricated
  • Display cases
  • System Fabrication
  • Display Refurbishment
  • Product Displays
  • Store Interiors

At Northern Productions, we are expert craftsman. Ensuring your build, booth and environment is strategically designed and crafted to garnish the most of your budget. We leverage our in-house fabrication team to take designs from paper to production. Our in-house team provides quick turn around & allows us to manage every small detail along the way.

Where Strategy Meets Design

Our displays are created to fit any shape and size imaginable, from large scale 2-story booths, to smaller more economical 10’ exhibits.

We incorporate a wide variety of materials including wood, metals, solid surfaces, glass, fabrics and many other eco-friendly products to create a truly unique and functional environment. All of our displays are built and installed by highly skilled personnel.

We have decades of national project experience, which provides us with a unique perspective to help tailor new projects, and kaizens in our fabrication and designing process.

When we build your custom display, we design it with purpose strategy & regulations in mind.

All aspects of production are carefully supervised & quality controlled from the initial cut to the final polish.

Let us help you tell your story